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Shipping Services — Letters in Macedon NY
Since 1997 we have been assisting companies and individuals produce and deliver mail and printed materials to their customers and prospects. Your goals and your needs are important to us.

You are looking to service and communicate with your present customers, maintaining them and securing new ones. Our goal is providing you with cost effective solutions for your direct mail, printing and/or marketing needs by helping you better serve your existing and future customers.

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Address Updating
The US Postal Service requires that mail lists used in discounted mailings must be updated using an approved USPS move update method regularly. We do that for you.
AmeriMail will intake your invoice data, presort your client list and print your invoices as presorted mail ready documents, saving you time and postage dollars in the process.
Mail Merge
One of the most effective means of capturing your customer's attention is to speak directly to them. Personalizing your documents does this for you every time.
Discounted Postage
We will help you achieve the lowest allowable postage rates for your mail. All posage savings pass directly to our customers.
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